Tennis for Fun wins 2024 National Adaptive Tennis Community Service Award

Article from USTA Website:

Tennis for Fun of Brandon, Fla. was awarded the USTA National Adaptive Tennis Community Service Award at the 2024 USTA Annual Meeting and Conference. The USTA annually bestows this recognition upon a program that has demonstrated continued excellence, dedication and service in tennis for an adaptive tennis community.

For more than two decades, this entirely volunteer-run organization has organized free tennis clinics for athletes with special needs ranging from ages 6 to 81. The program often works with athletes who have Down syndrome, but other special-needs athletes who qualify for Special Olympics are also welcome to join the program, where they learn how to have fun playing tennis, improve basic skills, and socialize with each other. 

Tennis for Fun was founded by Nathan Moore, a Jesuit High School student, in September of 2000. His goal was to create a positive and fun activity for special-needs athletes in the greater Tampa area. Since its inception, the program has grown to include 18 locations and coaching more than 200 athletes. When Nathan Moore left for Spring Hill College, the program was continued by his mother, Judy Moore, along with Rosanna Chiaramonte, both of whom have played an enormous role in making the program what it is today. Since college, Nathan Moore has moved back to the Tampa area and continues to be involved with the Tennis For Fun program.

The program would not be as successful as it is without the dedication of its team of passionate volunteers, all of whom are committed to helping Tennis for Fun athletes fall in love with tennis. Each clinic starts with the Hokey Pokey to break the ice, and the tennis facilities where clinics are run also donate the court time free of charge.

“The things that are being done by Tennis For Fun are truly amazing as they continue to be the leaders for athletes in the special needs space.  It takes a whole community to make these types of programs a success and that’s just what has happened in Brandon,” the USTA’s chief executive for community tennis, Craig Morris, said. 

“I also have to commend Nathan on his vision to start this amazing program which allows even more individuals to pick up a racquet and enjoy the sport of a lifetime. This program’s success is a testament to his hard work and dedication as it continues to grow across the country.”

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