A big Shout Out and THANK YOU to the OUTBACK BOWL, their CEO Jim McVay and Board Member Robert Stephens for choosing “Tennis For Fun”to be one of the Tampa Bay local non-profit charities to receive funds through their Charitable Giving Initiative.

In 2019 the OUTBACK BOWL has designated over one million dollars to Tampa Bay based non-profits. For the past three years the OUTBACK BOWL, has been THE major supporter of “Tennis For Fun”. We understand the OUTBACK BOWL is truly a “Tampa Treasure”. Not only does the OUTBACK BOWL put on a spectacular football game in Tampa Bay each year, but they also support the Community in so many other ways. We at “Tennis For Fun” are grateful to the OUTBACK BOWL for not only their support of “Tennis For Fun” but for their other contributions to our community, the Universities of the SEC and BIG 10, and all the many charities they support. Thank you OUTBACK BOWL, their Board of Directors, and Jim McVay. 

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